What is Primevilla

We’re passionate about changing the lives of the people we build houses for. Our team is made up of engineers, architects, interior designers and technicians. We are committed to providing superior quality homes with sustainable and environmentally-friendly features.


Primevilla Investments is determined to be a successful leader in home rehabilitation through ethical and socially responsible business practices.


We believe that technology should be at the service of people and society. It should be a fundamental support to make our lives safer, more comfortable and exclusive.






What we do

Investment, construction and rehabilitation of houses.

Our main goal is to promote and integrate technologies associated with smart cities, smart living, smart energy and smart home.

We push ourserlves towards the development of new solutions in the different fields of telecommunications (external, indoor and mobile), IT and communications, using research, development, training and technology transfer.

Promote innovation in construction through advanced Artificial Intelligence solutions for the automation of functions that contribute to improving: well-being, energy efficiency, safety, health and the environment.

Implementation and development of technological infrastructures that ensure the automation of construction using software and hardware integration such as security protocols, hubs and controllers, voice commands, smart cameras, temperature controllers, sensors and various types of equipment (energy, cleaning, lighting, etc.), in connection with each other.

Advanced materials, improved processes, innovative concepts and energy efficiency.

These new technologies provide several benefits: reduced costs; lower carbon emissions for constructing, utilising and decommissioning buildings; multiple functions and added value on the materials utilised on buildings; better attributes, qualities and longevity of buildings and improved quality of life for users.